Hi, I'm Elise Leonard, freelance Illustrator / Visual Development Artist / Art director
based in Brussels (Belgium). 

My passion and skills are in concept art, storyboarding, character design, environment drawing
and design.
I have 7 years of experience: I've worked in-house for an advertising agency (Head of Design) then for a video production company (in the animation team) and also for private clients. 

I love playing board games, night diving into big books, watching series while dissecting the composition of scenes, reading random science facts (I almost went for Biology instead of Drawing) and aiming for a slow life. 

Learning and experimenting are always part of my artistic journey.

You wanna know more about me?
I've participated to Takeover Tuesday from Dash Bash.
I've participated to a live session with Adobe Live France.

You wanna work with me? 
Don't hesitate to reach me :) 
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