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Hi, I'm Elise Leonard, freelance Visual Development Artist / Background Artist / Illustrator / Art director based in Brussels (Belgium). 
I mostly work for the animation industry. I love to create color scripts/keys, backgrounds, concept arts and characters.
I have 10 years of experience. I've worked in-house for an advertising agency (Head of Design) then for a video production company (Illustrator in the animation team). Three years ago, I've decided to start working as a freelancer and joined a shared studio, with 11 other freelancers of the collective L'Enroule.
My clients are studios or directors and my projects alternate between commercial and entertainment.
What I love the most about illustration is to study and play with light and colors to convey emotions, to create a cinematic feeling and to explore visual solutions to help the director to visualize her/his vision.
Learning and experimenting are always part of my artistic journey.
When I'm not doing anything related to drawing or painting, I love creating absurd stories, night diving into big books, watching birds and listening to scientific podcasts (I had a hard time deciding between sciences and art).

Wanna work with me or just say hi? 

Recent work experience (feature / short / documentary)
Jan-Now 2024 · Senior background artist · Operation Medinah · Lunanime
Oct-Nov 2023 · 
Color artist (color script/color keys) · Rufus (production put on hold) ·
feature film / NextFrames Animation studio
Aug-Sept 2023 · 
Background artist · RAAF · short movie / Animal Tank
Jun-Aug 2023 ·
Background artist · Het Zeemonster · short movie / Animal Tank
Jan-Jun 2023 ·
Background artist / Color key artist · Valemon · feature film / Studio Souza
Jul-Aug 2022 ·
Vis. dev. artist / Background artist · RAAF · short movie / Animal Tank
Oct 2021-Mar2022 ·
Vis. dev. artist · Baron G. Von Cramm project · documentary / Sidewinder Films

Wanna know more about me?
I've participated to Takeover Tuesday from Dash Bash.
I've participated to a live session with Adobe Live France.
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