"Santé pour tous" an alliance of three NGOS (Médecins sans Vacances, Memisa and Médecins du Monde) asked us for a series of animated videos to raise awareness about what they fight for:
Anyone deserves access to healthcare.

We interviewed three Congolese medical practitioners to get one heart-wrenching story from each of them - one that was a turning point in their lives as doctors. They gave their testimonials in Lingala, their native language.

Dr Désiré - The Power of the Voice
Dr Pacifique - The Power of the Heart
Dr Patricia - The Power of the Listening
Patricia M.D. - Pacifique M.D. - Désiré M.D.
The concept revolved around the most powerful instrument, which, for each of the doctors was unexpected. Not a stethoscope, not a medicine, nor a prescription notebook.
"That's the power of listening" - "That's the power of the heart" - "That's the power of the voice"
The difficult stories we had to hear and illustrate inspired a soft, poetic style of animation, but with a constant, hovering gritty texture.
Rough storyboard

Noémie Evrard & 87seconds

Marie Cahuzac

Elise Léonard

Simon Schu

Sound Design
Paul Asbati

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