Role: Visual development and background artist
2D short movie
Production: Animal Tank (Be) - Praça Filmes (Pt)
Studio: Animal Tank
Director: Jeroen Ceulebrouck

" RAAF is the story of an all-consuming grief, a raw but tender mourning process in birds-eye view."

In September 2023, I worked as background artist on "RAAF" (which means "Raven" in Dutch), a short movie directed by Jeroen Ceulebrouck.  I was really happy to be back on the project and to have more time to paint some final backgrounds.

In July 2022, I was assigned to do research for the environments and to create some key illustrations to define the style of the backgrounds.
Backgrounds and color keys
I painted the backgrounds over the animatic panels with the posing of the characters.
Some concept arts and color keys
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